The Darkest Timeline: Joel McHale’s CBS Sitcom Canceled After One Season

Photo: Darren Michaels/CBS

We guess the network really Britta-ed this situation. The Great Indoors, a generation-gap comedy led by Joel McHale, has been canceled after one season on CBS. The series revolved around McHale’s character — a talented and confident field reporter who’s relegated to a desk job at his adventure magazine — as he tries to adjust to working with some pesky Millennials in the digital department. (Stephen Fry also co-starred, which, frankly, is a damn waste of using a guy like Stephen Fry.) Variety reports that despite the series initially achieving solid ratings, it faltered when moved from its cushy post–Big Bang Theory time-slot to another night. Hey, unless Yahoo TV wants to pick it up for another season?

Joel McHale’s CBS Sitcom Canceled After One Season