Let John Oliver Answer Any Questions You Have About Trump’s Russia Scandal, a.k.a. ‘Stupid Watergate’

Finally, John Oliver has given us a phrase to describe the week in daily 5:30 p.m. news dumps and hourly push alerts about the collapse of the Trump White House: “Stupid Watergate.” Last week in Trump’s America was probably just as damning as the scandal that took Nixon out of office, but every news story is moving at lightning-fast speed. “Say what you will about Nixon, but at least he wanted the fucking job,” Oliver says. The host offers three key questions that will help you understand last week’s reports of Russian leaks, Comey memos, and federal investigations: How big a deal is this, where do we go from here, and, finally, is this real life? Don’t go getting your hopes up: “When it comes to President Trump, he’s always approaching the end of the line, but it never seems to come,” Oliver says. “It’s as if for him and him alone, the end of the line is drawn by M.C. fucking Escher.”

John Oliver Is Calling Last Week’s News ‘Stupid Watergate’