John Oliver: The FCC’s Net-Neutrality Comments Section Has the Only Comments Worth Reading

Never read the comments — unless they’re on the FCC’s comments page after a fiery John Oliver segment. As the debate over net neutrality ramps up again, Last Week Tonight bought the URL and had it redirect to the FCC’s comments page so internet users could have an easy way to demand Big Lebowski–quoting FCC chairman Ajit Pai keep internet service providers (or ISPs) under stricter oversight. The result, according to Oliver: about 1.6 million comments since his most recent segment. Conservative pundits charge that this progress was in vain since some of the comments were racist, so Oliver issued a warning to his viewers: “Writing racist things on the internet is not you win the net neutrality debate,” Oliver said. “It’s how you win the presidency.” Due to a “procedural quirk,” the FCC won’t take any new comments into account in the week before the net-neutrality vote, so pause your net-neutrality outrage for the time being.

John Oliver Reads FCC’s Net-Neutrality Comments Section