John Oliver Recaps a Crazy Week of ‘Stupid Watergate’ News

Here’s a clip from last night’s Last Week Tonight, where John Oliver recaps a truly insane week of news updates about the Trump administration and the ongoing investigation about Trump’s ties to Russia – or as Oliver calls it, “Stupid Watergate” – as well as why Democrats shouldn’t rush to excitement over mentions of impeachment since Trump has a tendency to get away with everything. “No matter what, we are in for an agonizingly long period of leaks, allegations, and recriminations all over a presidential campaign to put a man in power who may not entirely want to be there. Say what you want about Nixon – at least he wanted the fucking job,” Oliver says. “At the end of last year, we told you to write down ‘This is not normal’ to guard yourself against getting complacent. I don’t think there is much danger of that happening in the foreseeable future, but it is also worth remembering that sentiment just to reassure yourself that you’re not going crazy.”

John Oliver Recaps a Crazy Week of ‘Stupid Watergate’ […]