Jordan Klepper Explains How Trump Has “Taken the Training Wheels Off the World” on ‘The Daily Show’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where Trevor Noah chats with correspondent and soon-to-be Comedy Central late night show/special host Jordan Klepper about why, now that Trump’s trip abroad is over, he thinks that the world and particularly European leaders like Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron should be grateful that Trump’s incompetence gave them the opportunity to take center stage. “Trump’s ‘America First’ policy has basically made Merkel the leader of the free world. It’s the biggest promotion he’s ever given to a woman who wasn’t his daughter,” Klepper says. “Trump’s taken the training wheels off the world. Sure, everyone’s afraid they’re going to crash into the lamppost, but who knows? Maybe now they’ll actually learn how to ride this damn thing. It’s like that time you were out sick and I got to host the show,” Klepper points out, referencing the time he filled in for Noah at the Daily Show desk last fall. “I wasn’t mad at you – I was grateful. The audience was grateful. And, if your Ebola or whatever hadn’t flared up that day, I might never have gotten my own show this fall on Comedy Central.”

Jordan Klepper Explains How Trump Has “Taken the […]