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If You Recognize Kevin Bacon Out in the World, His Ego Dictates That You Please Say So

An ever-present theme among celebrity profiles and the like is the revelation that actually, fame sucks. You’re deprived of privacy, people think they own you, you can’t skulk around your local CVS without posing for a selfie, etc., etc. Kevin Bacon is here to bring truth to power, though, appearing on The Graham Norton Show to exclusively reveal what we’ve all suspected all along: Fame is good. Bacon shared an anecdote about wearing a disguise and going unrecognized for a day, an experience he found “awful.” “I was like, ‘This sucks. I’m going back to Kevin Bacon ASAP,’” he said. Turns out, anonymity doesn’t hold a candle to validations of self-worth and manifold forms of special treatment from hordes of strangers, whodathunk? Moral of the story: If you see Kevin Bacon, say something or risk ruining a celebrity’s day.

Kevin Bacon Really Enjoys Being Recognized As Famous Person