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Jimmy Kimmel Explains Trump’s Frequent Lies to Youngsters With a Schoolhouse Rock Parody

Gather ’round, children, Jimmy Kimmel knows you might have trouble understanding how President Trump can blatantly lie and call it the truth, but, with the help of an adorable animated video and a catchy song, he hopes you can learn how a lie can become an alternative fact someday. Considering how the Republican agenda in Congress keeps getting derailed by distractions coming from the White House, there’s not much need for original Schoolhouse Rock classic “I’m Just a Bill” at this moment, so Kimmel updated the number to reflect the current political landscape. Unfortunately, watching a scroll of paper that knows it’s an insane lie be retweeted is quite a bit more depressing than watching a hopeful bill sit in committee.

Kimmel Explains Trump’s Lies With a Schoolhouse Rock Parody