Hollyweirdos Lana Del Rey and the Weeknd Really Are Dancing on the Hollywood Sign in Their ‘Lust for Life’ Video

If we’ve gotta dance until we die to feel alive, what better way to go out than with a twirl on the Hollywood sign before you tumble to your death? Okay, the video for Lana Del Rey and the Weeknd’s dreamy duet “Lust for Life” doesn’t end quite so tragically. What you will find instead is Lana and her music boyfriend Abel as two star-crossed lovers getting far too carried away with the idea of 1960s romance and drifting off into an acid high where the ribbons on Lana’s dress can become sailboats and all the world is a giant flower-garden peace sign. Have a happy trip.

Watch Lana Del Rey and the Weeknd’s ‘Lust for Life’ Video