Maria Bamford Gave Away $5000 During Her Commencement Address at Her Alma Mater

Earlier this month, Maria Bamford told us she was prepping for her commencement speech at the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts, and thankfully, earlier this week a video of Bamford’s Sunday night address surfaced online. In the address, Bamford – who has a history of being incredibly open in interviews about how much money she makes – tells the graduates about how she negotiated her pay for the gig, explains the difference between “gross” salary (“the disgusting amount of money that you will never receive”) and “net” salary (“the little bag that you get to take home in your sweet little roll”), offers a bunch of advice targeted to the Liberal Arts crowd (“Don’t move to Adelaide, Australia for a year in hopes of marrying a clown who is also bisexual and a meth addict”), and surprises everyone at the end by giving her $5,000 payment away to one lucky graduate. “Now, I could’ve given you more,” Bamford says, “but I did not negotiate for myself a higher salary.”

Maria Bamford Gave Away $5000 During Her Commencement […]