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Feast Your Eyes on the Best Food GIFs From Master of None Season Two

Photo: Barbara Nitke/Netflix

No TV show loves food more than Master of None, even the ones that air on the Food Network. In the show’s latest season, most of Dev’s life revolves around food. Even the show’s more serious excursions make food their centerpiece — an episode about Islam, for instance, pivots on Dev’s love of pork. So, while we can’t actually send you the food they’re eating on the show, we’ve made GIFs of all the season’s most important gastronomical moments. Buon appetito!

Pasta-making is so much more intense in black and white.

Mmmmmmmmm carbs.

Time to move to Modena.

This is a GIF that you can use whenever you and your friends are going out to eat caviar — so, all the time.

Here’s a GIF of a food GIF. Meta!

When you realize that pork tastes really good, part one.

When you realize that pork tastes really good, part two.

When pork is just too good to go without.

Like, so good.

How much mozz did Bobby Cannavale eat while filming? And was it enough mozz to make Bobby Cannavmeale happy?

When you date someone just because they make good soup.

Please use this GIF in place of a *chef’s kiss.*

Let us give thanks.

When the noods hit.


Master of None Season Two: All the Food GIFs You Need