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The 6 Most Bizarre GIFs From Mike WiLL Made-It’s ‘Perfect Pint’ Music Video

Mike WiLL Made-It just dropped the music video for his new track “Perfect Pint,” and in addition to Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane, and Rae Sremmurd, the producer has also brought along a unicorn, dolphins, rideable kangaroos, and oh so much more — seriously! Presumably this is what happens when you give everyone two fists full of drank and start storyboarding. Really, though, wouldn’t you be as hyped as Swae Lee if you were driving down an open road and a turtle slipped into some kind of jet stream over your head and waved at you with its his fin hand?

What’s better than one Gucci Mane? Try three Gucci Manes in the form of a giant, a flying saucer, and an astronaut.

The closest thing to a working definition of a covfefe.

Unicorn tributes are the best tributes.

Just your average gargantuan desert-trolling reptile rolling up on Kendrick Lamar in his floating convertible that comes complete with a Gucci Mane flying-saucer-mirror ornament. Nothing to see here!

Blame it on the drank. Blame it all on the drank.

Mike WiLL Made-It’s ‘Perfect Pint’ Music Video Is a GIF Mine