Which Pretty Little Liars Character Said It? Take Our Quote Quiz

Photo-Illustration: Maya Robinson/Vulture

While Pretty Little Liars may be best remembered by viewers for its all-consuming mystery and memorable “A” reveals, there’s one fundamental tenet of the show that’s often overlooked: some truly witty and enjoyable one-liners delivered by our leading Liars. Whether it’s Hanna’s don’t-mess-with-me sass or Emily’s, er, oft-unintelligent musings, the show’s writers know how to inject some comic relief (or gut-punching realness) into an episode when needed. To celebrate PLL’s final season, take a trip down memory lane and test your knowledge with our seasons-spanning quote quiz. How well do you remember those five ladies?

Which Liar Said It?

Better lock it in your pocket, take this quiz to the grave.

“Bitch can see!”
“You need to take a psychological selfie right now.”
“I mean, aren’t you just sick and tired of being you?”
"You may be a dude, but you're still a bitch."
"I am not your doll."
"Please, Jenna can't hear us, she's blind."
"If lying was a crime, we'd all be in jail."
“Girls fight much dirtier than boys.”
“Please stick a fork in my neck.”
“I’ll have to unleash Erin Brockobitch on you and haul your butt to court.”
“Who sharpened your tongue, little girl?”
“Cars don’t float. If they did, pilgrims would have driven here.”
“Hope is a dirty four letter word.”
“Do you wanna just give up and go shopping?”
“Okay, so obviously ghosts don't have fingers.”
“I don't care how many beauty pageants she's won. She's an ugly person.”
“You’re always better off with a really good lie.”
“My family is so screwed up that Dr. Phil wouldn’t take us on.”
“I can’t go around without a phone. That’s like going around without a brain or shoes.”
“It’s all fun and sexy until someone hacks up a hairball.”
“No offense, but if she's sad, she could cry in New York.”
“Never underestimate the power of a good bromance.”
“Am I going to hell?”
“I’m too depressed to work a zipper, alright? Get over it!”
“The rest of you are gonna be waltzing off to sorority rush and I’m gonna be stuck picking up garbage in Rosewood.”

Which Pretty Little Liars Character Said It?