The Property Brothers Have Written a Spec Script That’s Basically Hitch

Are you there, Black List? It’s the two dudes from Property Brothers. Drew and Jonathan Scott, who star in and produce a handful of successful shows on HGTV, are looking to parlay their home-design fame and Sexiest Men Alive status into full entertainment careers, according to a New York Times interview. Jonathan wants to write more — something beyond the “inspirational things and cheesy things for our fans,” he told the Times — and has written a documentary series about renewable energy. Drew wants to get back into acting. The brothers started off doing comedy and improv as teens, and started flipping houses to support their acting careers. They’ve declined offers to do talk shows, but are sitting on two unproduced spec scripts, one of which sounds word for word like the plot of Hitch. At least they acknowledge the similarity:

Together, the brothers have also written two screenplays, which they plan to produce (in addition to their father’s cowboy picture). The first one they would like to make, Jonathan said, is “a dark comedy that follows the life of a professional ‘hook up’ artist as he discovers his own loneliness through the romantic misery of others — it’s kind of like Hitch meets The Hangover.” Another, he added, “is about a band of brothers who come from a small-town upbringing with wholesome values.”

For the record, Hitch is already Hitch meets The Hangover, and it has a special place in all our hearts.

The Property Bros. Wrote Spec Script That’s Basically Hitch