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Samantha Bee Dissects Comey’s Firing: ‘At Least He’s an Independent Turd’

Sean Spicer, is there room in that shrubbery for us to hide, too? James Comey’s firing has launched the freakout du jour, prompting Samantha Bee’s segment, “Our Weekly Constitutional Crisis: What the Fuck Is It This Time?” During nonstop coverage of Comey’s canning, TV pundits kept returning to Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre (when Nixon fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox, and the attorney general and deputy attorney general resigned as well), and even the Nixon Library got defensive and asked to be excluded from the narrative. “I don’t like James Comey, nobody does,” Bee said. “He’s a bit of a turd. But at least he’s an independent turd.” There’s bound to be another constitutional crisis tomorrow, though, so there’s still time to reserve a spot next to Spicer in those bushes.

Sam Bee Breaks Down Her Feelings About Comey’s Firing