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Paul McCartney Sure Is Wearing the Requisite Amount of Eyeliner for His Pirates of the Caribbean Role

We’ve known for a while that Sir Paul McCartney will lower his rank to show up in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but knowing and seeing are two entirely different things. McCartney released the first look at his scalawag self in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales this weekend, and, beyond the revelation that he is not literally Keith Richards incarnate, McCartney looks pretty much like the kind of pirate we’ve come to expect — heavy eyeliner, tangled tresses, and a sliver of befuddlement at how the moment came to be. There’s not much else to the early glimpse, but you gotta love that this time it’s Paul McCartney following Davy Jones’s lead.

Paul McCartney Goes Grimy in New Pirates of the Caribbean