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Watch Cobie Smulders Threaten a Pharmacist for Fertility Drugs in Friends From College

Friends From College is an eight-part comedy series arriving on Netflix in July, and the streaming studio has just released a new teaser for the show. From the executive producing and writing team of Nick Stoller and Francesca Delbanco comes the story about a group of pals who met at Harvard, but are now approaching 40 years old and are dealing with their life choices. But don’t worry, this isn’t like a Big Chill situation. They’re not getting back together because someone committed suicide. They’re just a group of people living their lives and experiencing the normal trials of adulthood, like accidentally doing coke and tap-dancing around your friend’s apartment on a weeknight, or accosting a pharmacist so he will open up after hours to sell you fertility drugs. See the newest teaser above, and the previously released one below.

See the Latest Teaser for Friends From College