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If You’re in the Mood to Laugh at Health-Care Legislation, Seth Meyers Has Got Jokes About the House’s Trumpcare Bill for You

If you’re exhausted from trying to keep up with House Republicans’ move to pass legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act on Thursday, you’re not alone. Apparently, the bill was put in motion so swiftly, even those in Congress weren’t sure how much the plan would cost or how many people would lose coverage under it, nor had they necessarily read it. If you’re feeling awake enough to enjoy some chuckles, laffs, or guffaws, though, well then Seth Meyers is here, and he’s got riffs on everything from a provision in the bill that would allow states to obtain waivers that will enable insurers to charge people with preexisting conditions higher premiums, to the image of Bernie Sanders feeding his birds with those free crackers you get with your soup. A little off-topic since birds don’t need health insurance, but a fun idea to take the edge off nonetheless.

Seth Meyers Has Jokes About the House Trumpcare Bill for You