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Seth Meyers Responds to an Email He Received From Speaker Paul Ryan’s Office About a Late Night Health-Insurance Bit

It must be gratifying to know the politicians you poke fun at are watching and analyzing your jokes. They almost certainly don’t like or agree with any of them, but that doesn’t seem to faze Seth Meyers, who recently received an email from Speaker Paul Ryan’s office taking the Late Night host to task for certain jokes the show had made about the AHCA. Apparently, Ryan did not care for Meyers’s assertion that last-minute changes meant the final version of the AHCA health-care bill was rushed through the House, his observation that the bill gives large tax cuts to the extremely wealthy, or his allegation that states can potentially waive out of the ACA’s ban on preexisting conditions. Since all those things seem to be true, however, it looks like the laffs shall stand. Comedy in 2017, everybody.

Seth Meyers Responds to an Email He Received From Paul Ryan