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Seth Meyers Reviews Trump’s 8 Days, 8 Bad News Cycles

Yesterday, Late Night host Seth Meyers may have asked congressional Republicans to come get their president, but that was before it somehow got worse for President Trump. For viewers who haven’t been following the news, or Meyers’s near-nightly Closer Look segments, it’s been a rough eight days for the 45th president and his administration, with each bad breaking news story (like Trump firing FBI director James Comey or Trump revealing classified information to Russian officials) followed up with an almost equally bad response (like Trump admitting he would have fired Comey even without a Justice Department recommendation or Trump dismissing a breach of diplomatic protocol with an angry tweet). Meyers helpfully breaks down the leading story from each day, starting last Monday and — save for Mother’s Day — it’s a doozy.

Seth Meyers Reviews Trump’s 8 Days of Bad News Cycles