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SNL’s Donald Trump Leads His Ragtag Group of Advisers in a ‘Hallelujah’ Rendition

Mirroring the same cold open SNL did with Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton in the days after Clinton lost the U.S. presidential election, Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump decided to exit his landmark comedy season not with a bang, but with some simple harmonizing. “Playing” the piano and sporting a tasteful Russian flag pin, Trump slowly brought out his eclectic group of advisers — Pence! Bannon! — to sing Leonard Cohen’s timeless “Hallelujah” with him, but not before offering some words of wisdom to everyone: “I’m not giving up, because I didn’t do anything wrong. But I can’t speak for these people.” We’re sure Cohen is thrilled in heaven.

SNL’s Trump Leads His Advisers in Chorus of ‘Hallelujah’