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Marvel’s The Gifted Trailer: These Kids Could Really, Really Use the X-Men Right Now

“The X-Men, the Brotherhood. We don’t even know if they exist anymore.” Thus marks the only mention of the extraordinary team of mutants in the new trailer for Fox’s Marvel drama The Gifted, but if they’re out there, Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, and their kids could really, really use some pointers on the whole “rejected by society” thing. Written by Matt Nix, with a pilot directed by Bryan Singer, The Gifted follows Moyer’s family after a bullying incident reveals his son and daughter’s nascent psychokinesis in a very public, Carrie-style disaster. Now on the run from the government, the Strucker family must seek the help of mutants like Sean Teale’s Marcos Diaz, otherwise known as Eclipse, and Jamie Chung’s Clarice Fong, whose mutant moniker is Blink, as they attempt to track down their fellow mutant Polaris, taken and held by the very department Papa Strucker used to work for. The family must also avoid a nasty battalion of spiderlike police robots, but lucky for them … they have that whole superpower thing to fall back on.

The Gifted Trailer: Where Are the X-Men When You Need Them?