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Jimmy Kimmel Basically Let U2 Have His Show Last Night

U2 were Jimmy Kimmel’s guests on his show last night for the band’s only TV appearance to promote their Joshua Tree anniversary tour. But truth be told, it was more of a one-night residency where U2 effectively took over Kimmel’s show. Sure, Kimmel was there to play host, which mostly meant asking a few questions and going through the motions of the show. But U2 used up most of the show’s time reflecting on their long career — and all the advice they haven’t taken throughout — and also shared some news: Their long-planned next album, Songs of Experience, will be out … sometime within the next 27 years. Unless of course the world ends before then, in which case, humanity might only ever have their TV debut of its first single, “The Little Things That Give You Away,” to remember the album by (although Kimmel has since removed the clip, so maybe not).

Elsewhere during their takeover, Bono voiced strong concern about Donald Trump’s priorities as a world leader. “I don’t think there’s any evidence in his life that he has the people who are hardest hit in mind,” he said.

U2 also spoke briefly on the bombing at Manchester Arena and how the attack brought back disturbing memories of the IRA from their early career:

They hate music. They hate women. They even hate little girls. They hate everything we love. The worst of humanity was on view in Manchester, but so was the best, as people took perfect strangers into their houses and queued up for blood banks. Manchester has an undefeatable spirit, I can assure you.”

U2 closed out the night with a performance of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” with the Selah Gospel Choir that recalled their visit to Harlem captured in Rattle and Hum.

Watch U2 Take Over Jimmy Kimmel’s Show Last Night