big fish theory

With ‘Big Fish,’ Vince Staples Announces His New Album Big Fish Theory

Forget every other song about being on a boat, and all those movies about being stranded on the ocean and surrounded by sharks. Vince Staples just released the definitive track about being naughty and nautical. With his new song “Big Fish,” he’s announced his new album Big Fish Theory, due June 23. The video for “Big Fish” finds Vince alone on a sinking vessel, with sharks circling. The best part: He’s wearing a jacket and pants combo that almost looks like a RompHim with a squinted eye and some wishful thinking. Summertime 06 was excellent, and Vince is cool as hell. Juicy J raps the hook on “Big Fish,” and Vince’s rap charts his ascension from his debut. “Another story of a young black man / Tryna make it up out that jam god damn,” Vince raps. “Bag back, let me make my bands, got plans / If you hatin’ don’t shake my hand.”

Vince Staples Drops Single ‘Big Fish,’ Announces New Album