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Here Is Alexander Skarsgård’s (Bad) Idea for Big Little Lies Season Two

Skarsgård. Photo: Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

No matter where you stand on whether Big Little Lies should get a second season, here is one new, objective truth: Alexander Skarsgård, who played the limited series’ antagonist, has no business being anywhere near a Big Little Lies writers room. When Skarsgård sat down with Variety’s TV podcast Remote Controlled, the actor talked about filming scenes where his character Perry abused his onscreen wife Nicole Kidman, and admits that he hasn’t watched the show months after it finished airing. Then, Skarsgård jokes about where he’d like the second season to go in his absence: “Perry’s got a twin sister called Terry and she shows up and she’s pissed off that they all killed her brother,” he said. “So, it’s basically a badass revenge story about this six-foot-four woman named Terry who’s there to avenge the death of her brother.” To be clear: Do not do this.

Skarsgård’s (Bad) Idea for Big Little Lies Season Two