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Alexis Bledel Will Return to The Handmaid’s Tale As a Series Regular in Season Two

Alexis Bledel.

Alexis Bledel’s character Ofglen had a thrilling (read: terrifying) departure from Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale early in the first season. She quickly became an emotional focal point of the show, but her backstory was only revealed in a few lines of explanation on those tell-all shopping trips the Handmaids embark on together. But viewers will likely get a chance to learn more about her, as Hulu has announced that Bledel will return as a series regular next season (possibly thanks to this Vulture praise piece written about Bledel’s supreme work as Ofglen). Will she be picking up hazardous waste in the colonies, plotting a way to rejoin the resistance before she withers away? Will she be in a special hell that they send Handmaids where they can be horrifically punished for insolence while still being exploited for their wombs? Will we get to see flashbacks of her life before? Will we finally learn her real name? Will she show up in lesbian-chic tactical gear riding a grizzly bear right up to Aunt Lydia at the next Salvaging wielding a shotgun? Most likely not that last one, but that doesn’t mean the fanfic writers out there can’t dream. All questions will be held until The Handmaid’s Tale returns next fall.

Alexis Bledel Will Return to The Handmaid’s Tale in Season 2