Angela Lansbury Might Co-Star in BBC’s Little Women Miniseries — But, Be Honest, We Had You at Angela Lansbury

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Sell your hair, pawn your pickled limes: whatever you need to do see BBC One’s upcoming three-part Little Women miniseries, since it might be co-starring ya girl Angela Lansbury. The Mary Poppins Returns actress is rumored to play the role of Aunt March, the titular little women’s paternal aunt. As you might recall, Aunt March’s wealth and persnicketiness serves to shape her nieces’ futures, as well as fuel the books’ ongoing Jo vs. Amy sister battle royale. Now, you don’t have to give your sister scarlet fever in the hopes that Angela Lansbury would take care of you during her quarantine, a plan which — if we’re going to be real with each other — was a real long shot to begin with.

Angela Lansbury Rumored for BBC’s Little Women Miniseries