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Watch the Bellas Play for the Troops in the First Trailer for Pitch Perfect 3

The Bellas are officially college graduates as Pitch Perfect 3 kicks off, but as the new trailer for the film makes clear, things are looking pretty bleak: Nobody can keep a job and their musical skills aren’t getting them very far. The solution? Ditch the grind, get the gang back together, and play for the troops on an overseas USO tour. (If only every post-grad had this option.) The trailer dubs it their “farewell tour,” with Pitch Perfect 3 presumably set to cap a hugely successful and always delightful franchise. We’ve seen studio movies both good (Logan) and bad (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Transformers: The Last Night) positioned similarly over the last few months, each a more violent “final chapter” than the last. Fortunately with Pitch Perfect, there’s very little risk of the Bellas’ saga ending with anyone dying quietly in the woods, at least — although with wack-job frequenter John Lithgow joining the cast in an undisclosed role, it’s fair to say that anything is possible.

Pitch Perfect 3 hits theaters December 22.

The Bellas Are Back for a Farewell Tour in Pitch Perfect 3