Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump Calls James Comey a “Tall Drink of Dog Piss” on ‘The President Show’

Here’s a clip from last night’s episode of The President Show, where Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump fields some questions from reporters and responds to yesterday’s highly anticipated hearing with former FBI Director James Comey. “Hit me with your worst, guys. I’m lawyered up, and unlike that tall drink of dog piss James Comey, you can ask me absolutely anything,” Trump says, later responding to a question about the Russia investigation with this: “All this stuff with Comey and Russia is a total distraction from what we should be focusing on: infrastructure. And folks, our structure has the best infra, rivaled only by our tremendous outfra.”

Check out another clip from the episode below, where Trump heads to the “Land of Fake Believe” to temporarily escape from his stressful life:

Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump Calls James Comey a “Tall […]