trouble in paradise

New Bachelor in Paradise Rules Reportedly Include Producers Approving Sex Between Contestants

Photo: ABC

Before Bachelor in Paradise contestants enter the so-called “Boom Boom Room,” they’ll reportedly have to get approval from producers. After a sex scandal that raised questions about consent halted production and almost derailed the franchise, ABC has reportedly implemented a new drug policy as well as a new rule requiring contestants to get a producer’s green light before engaging in sex, sources at the Mexican resort where filming is happening told TMZ. Without approval, the producers are allowed to step in and stop the sexual activity. Per TMZ: “We’re told before anyone can get it on, both parties must go to a producer and state that they consent. If the producer feels either party is incapable of giving consent, the producer can pull the plug. We’re told when contestants arrived over the weekend, they sat through a 2-hour meeting with lawyers and others who ran through all the rules.” Bachelor in Paradise is still set to premiere on August 8.

Bachelor in Paradise Sex May Now Require Producer Approval