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Jimmy Kimmel Says Good-bye, or Maybe Just Bye, to The Bachelorette’s Lucas ‘Whaboom’ Yancey

The Bachelorette contestant Lucas Yancey might not have been this season’s villain, but he is, and will always be, that guy on Jimmy Kimmel Live selling T-shirts with his own cartoon face on them. Kimmel gritted his teeth and bid the show’s latest muscle-bound suitor a proper adieu, but not even Kimmel thought to ask the most important question of the evening: in the bizarre, nebulously homophobic lie-nightmare Lucas made up about Blake, did Blake finish the whole banana? Well, did he? Questions like these are why Rachel’s an attorney, and Kimmel is just a talk-show host, and Lucas is just a potential husband with an admittedly decent Ace Ventura impression.

Bachelorette’s Lucas ‘Whaboom’ Yancey Says Bye on Kimmel