You Can Count on Death, Taxes, and an Accountant Sequel, Which May Include the First Two

Warner is down for Account. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

He’s big, he’s brawny, and he has a few ledgers left to balance. Deadline reports that director Gavin O’Connor and Ben Affleck are in talks for a sequel to The Accountant, which may include Jon Bernthal, who, in case you forgot, was also in The Accountant. The puzzling thriller produced surprising dividends at the box office, eventually earning $155 million worldwide off a $44 million budget, so it seems that somebody at Warner Bros. — maybe Ben Affleck in dweeby glasses — did the math on a future installment and liked the results. As far as pun-based titles go, we hope it’s called The Accountant: Returns.

The Accountant Is Accruing a Sequel