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Jerrod Carmichael Says NBC Was Wrong for Pulling The Carmichael Show’s Mass-Shooting Episode

Last night, following mass shootings in Alexandria, Virginia and San Francisco, NBC decided to pull an episode of The Carmichael Show that dealt with gun violence. In an interview on Chelsea, taped before NBC had made the final decision on the episode but made available today, creator Jerrod Carmichael explained why he thought that was the wrong decision. “What it says is you don’t think that America is smart enough to handle real dialogue,” Carmichael said. “And something that reflects real family conversations.” In the episode, “Shoot Up-Able,” Carmichael’s character survives a mass shooting and dealing with the psychological trauma afterward. “He is still very much a victim,” Carmichael said. “We are all victims. When something like this happens, we all suffer from fear.” In place of “Shoot Up-Able,” NBC aired “Lesbian Wedding.” It has not announced a new airdate for the pulled episode.

Carmichael Says NBC Was Wrong to Pull His Show’s Gun Episode