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Seth Meyers Proves That Reporters Saying ‘Hookers’ Was the Cherry Atop the Comey-Hearing Sundae

Whether you watched it in a bar or streamed it on your laptop during work like the patriotic procrastinator you are, Comey’s testimony aired today and, as Late Night host Seth Meyers pointed out, there was a distinct lack of bombshells if only because we’re “already surrounded by previous bombshells.” According to Meyers, Trump is “like that druggy cousin who can no longer surprise you.” But Meyers’s funniest observation was how much glee reporters took in repeating the word hookers on national television following Comey’s written statement, which claimed Trump called Comey to say he “had not been involved with hookers in Russia.” Sure, Comey’s testimony, both public and private, was a service to our nation, but watching Wolf Blitzer say the word “hookers” on air is something America will never forget.

Best Part of the Comey Hearing? Reporters Saying ‘Hookers’