Diddy Wants to Give Us a Bad Boy Cinematic Universe With a Movie Trilogy

Diddy. Photo: Joe Maher/Getty Images

While you were busy not coming in second place at the Met Gala or confusing the Jenner sisters, Diddy was building himself a cinematic universe. (They’re trendy right now, have you heard?) In an interview with Complex about his documentary Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, which follows the Bad Boy reunion at the Barclays Center, Diddy said that this is just the first of many movies he has up his (impossibly luxurious) sleeves. He’s acted on the big screen before — most recently in 2014’s Draft Day, and in assorted TV roles since — but he’s looking to flex his influence behind the camera to tell Bad Boy’s story. “The ultimate plan is definitely to release two more,” Puffy told Complex. “If you see me in there talking about a trilogy, that’s what I’m manifesting.” Apparently it’s an idea he’s had for a long time, since he has footage that’s decades old.

You’ve been filming this since you were 19? Have you always been filming yourself with the idea of putting together a doc at some point?

Yeah, this is part one of a trilogy. It was always an idea in my head that albums and certain lives are gonna actually be filmed live and then made into films. [I knew] that was how history would be told, and from recognizing that at a young age I always planned to [implement that]. Not to be self-serving but just to tell the truth, whether [the story is] good or bad, that’s how it really [happened].

Mo’ money, mo’ problems, mo’ music empire documentaries.

Diddy Wants to Make a Bad Boy Documentary Trilogy