Yes, Drew Barrymore Makes a Cameo in SZA’s ‘Drew Barrymore’ Music Video

Did you catch that? Yes, there — just at the 2:18 mark — is Drew Barrymore, goddess divine, in the music video for SZA’s very excellent song “Drew Barrymore.” The music video, from SZA’s debut album Ctrl, dropped Tuesday, complete with an appearance from Drew herself. SZA previously told Vulture that she’s a big fan of the actress, as well as the ’90s teen rom-com aesthetic. She counts Never Been Kissed as her favorite Barrymore movie: “When I was watching Never Been Kissed … that’s my experience. I was hella outcast in school. I was watching it like, ‘Yes! Win for all of us!’” (After SZA performed the single on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Drew returned the love on Instagram.) In the Dave Meyers–directed visual, SZA and her friends run around New York City, eventually settling in at a house party. “Warm enough for ya outside baby, yeah / Is it warm enough for ya inside me, me, me, me?” she sings. When SZA pops outside for a smoke break, she spots Drew.

Drew Barrymore Has a Cameo in SZA’s ‘Drew Barrymore’ Video