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Elizabeth Warren Fulfills Her National Duty of Giving Samantha Bee (and the Country) a Pep Talk

As Donald Trump tweets out private information about a public figure’s alleged plastic surgery while somehow still holding the title of leader of the free world, the national situation might seem a bit dire. Our collective finger inches closer to the panic button every day. What’s a country in peril to do when the remaining shreds of hope and humanity are in danger? Turn to America’s cheerleader, Senator Elizabeth Warren, for a national pep talk by way of a sit-down therapy session with Samantha Bee on Full Frontal. Bee’s teetering on a ledge, right up there next to democracy, but it’s fine — Warren’s on line one. And while some (read: all) might put her on hold to chat with Beyoncé instead, dammit, Warren won’t stop persisting until she pulls us back to safety! Or at least softens the landing if she can’t actually save us.

Elizabeth Warren Persistently Gives Samantha Bee a Pep Talk