Eugene Mirman’s Storytelling Show ‘Hold On’ Launches as a Podcast Next Week

Eugene Mirman’s storytelling series Hold On is launching as a podcast next week. Here’s the logline for the series, which debuted on Audible last year:

Storytelling aficionado and inquisitive host Eugene Mirman (Bob’s Burgers) sits down with special comedian guests and pauses their true, entertaining, and personal stories to get the funny details they might have left out.

Guests on the series include Jim Gaffigan, Maria Bamford, Hasan Minhaj, Mike Birbiglia, Reggie Watts, John Mulaney, Cameron Esposito, Kumail Nanjiani, David Cross, H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal, and more. The first three episodes will be available on Apple Podcasts next Monday, June 26th, followed by a new episode released every week. In the meantime, you can subscribe to it on Apple Podcasts here.

Eugene Mirman’s Storytelling Show ‘Hold On’ Launches […]