Foo Fighters Have Returned With a New Video Presenting the Lie That They’re Ever Going to Age

These are the facts: Foo Fighters have been a band for a couple decades. Dave Grohl is allegedly 48. And no one in this band is ever going to age. They’ve sipped from the fountain of the youth and will remain spry even from the grave. Which is why their new video for “Run,” their first song post-hiatus, is based on a lie. The Grohl-directed video stars the band not as themselves, but as some version of themselves in an alternate reality where they’ve become old and gray. (That’s Grohl with the Dumbledore beard.) There is some truth here, though: Should the band ever meet their twilight years, they would almost certainly tear the roof off of a retirement home — maybe not to the point where old ladies would still be flashing them, but that’s what makes this a fantasy — and rock their wrinkled faces off with a song possibly even more ferocious than this.

Watch Foo Fighters’ Bonkers Video for New Song ‘Run’