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Glenn Close Will Play a Vengeful Zombie in a George Saunders Amazon Comedy Pilot

Death is the real Big Chill.

Congratulations to anyone who had actress Glenn Close, novelist George Saunders, streaming service Amazon Prime, and the trope “zombies” in a row in peak TV bingo. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Close has signed on to play Aunt Bernie in Sea Oak, a pilot written by the Lincoln in the Bardo author which is “a mix of zombie drama and family revenge comedy.” Bernie is a “meek, unmarried woman” in the so-called Rust Belt City who dies in a home invasion and then, by “sheer force of dissatisfaction,” comes back to life to torture the rest of her family, who live in a “subsidized hellhole of a housing complex called Sea Oak.” It’s as if she never said good-bye to life.

Glenn Close Will Play a Zombie in an Amazon Comedy Pilot