Please Enjoy Some GIFs of Haim’s Silly New Dance Moves From Their ‘Want You Back’ Video

Bass face is so 2013. It’s a new era for Haim, and it comes with sick new moves. And by sick, we mean delightfully corny. The band has shared a video for “Want You Back,” which stars the trio dramatically strutting down a California road only to drop the act and bust out in some goofy choreography that when imitated by you and your friends will look ridiculous, but performed by Haim looks fabulous. What starts with a subtle synchronized head turn …

… and other quirky little spasms …

… somehow leads us to this glorious moment of wild carefree living:

Silly kids.

This is the La La Land of music videos. And, sure, laugh at them now, but can you re-create this all in one go?

Enjoy Haim’s Dance Moves in Their ‘Want You Back’ Video