Hannibal Buress Paid an Impersonator $500 to Attend the ‘Spider-Man’ Premiere for Him

Hannibal Buress was unable to attend last night’s Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere in Hollywood, but instead of just accepting that he’d miss out on a bunch of promotional red carpet interviews, he did something a little different. As Entertainment Weekly reports, Buress took to Twitter yesterday afternoon in search of “a lookalike with solid comedic timing for an event tonight” that paid $500, and he ended up hiring a man named Joe Carroll, who attended the event as Buress:

Here’s Carroll fielding red carpet questions on behalf of Buress like a pro:

Buress explained that he hired the impersonator due to “extreme FOMO,” so hopefully this means we can count on Buress – either the fake one or the real one – to attend every red carpet premiere from now on.

Hannibal Buress Paid an Impersonator $500 to Attend […]