Hasan Minhaj and Stephen Colbert Talk ‘The Daily Show,’ ‘Homecoming King,’ and the WHCD

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert chats with Hasan Minhaj about his Netflix special Homecoming King, his work on The Daily Show, and his experience hosting White House Correspondents’ Dinner last month, which was a lot like Stephen Colbert’s experience hosting the event with one big difference: Colbert actually had a president in attendance. “I was expecting him to burst through the double doors like a professional wrestler,” Minhaj says. “So I was getting ready. I had a card ready called ‘DEFCON Orange’ in case he showed up.” Minhaj also tells Colbert about one of his scariest experiences on The Daily Show, where he went to an Alabama gun range and was told by a man there that he could join ISIS: “I wasn’t offended, I was flattered that this guy thinks that ISIS, this global terror organization, is like ‘You know what we need? We need like an Indian boy band member.’”

Hasan Minhaj and Stephen Colbert Talk ‘The Daily […]