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Hear Radiohead’s Previously Unreleased OK Computer B-Side ‘I Promise’

Thom Yorke.

Ahead of the 20th anniversary reissue of OK Computer, Radiohead shared one of the 1996 album’s unreleased recordings “I Promise” on BBC Radio 6 Thursday night. The monumental reissue of the “pretty fucking geeky” album titled OKNOTOK comes out late this month and includes remastered versions of the original 12 tracks, eight B-sides, and three unreleased songs, “Lift,” “Man of War,” and the aforementioned “I Promise.” Devoted heads have been particularly excited about these unheard recordings, after speculating for years on why songs that were performed frequently at live shows in 1996 did not make the final cut. Hear “I Promise” below.

Hear Radiohead’s Unreleased OK Computer B-Side ‘I Promise’