Here Are Two Vastly Different, Similarly Fun Videos

What do Jared Kushner and a trio of Greasers have in common? Yes, loved ones who obsessively groom their ridiculous hair but also: this week’s column!

We’ve highlighted two contributions that don’t seem to share much DNA at surface level. Upon digging a little deeper, though, you might discover that each makes commendable use of a simple, easily producible premise, and manages to get laughs without lingering. Feast your eyes… on these four guys.

“Jared Kushner Introduces Himself,” by Steve Clark

Is it one note? Sure, but, holy shit, you can be one note and get results when you look this much like Jared Kushner. I’m usually loathe to celebrate an impression based on how close an actor looks to their subject and yeah, maybe current events is playing into this one but still.

“Three Greasers,” by Jon Bershad

That Jon Bershad spent an entire day of his life on this is precisely why comedy is a truly magical artform.

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Here Are Two Vastly Different, Similarly Fun Videos