Here’s a Season 2 Promo for Comedy Central’s ‘Legends of Chamberlain Heights’

Comedy Central’s animated show Legends of Chamberlain Heights returns next week, and today the network released a promo for the new batch of episodes. Co-created by  Brad Abelson, Mike Clements, Michael Starrbury, Quinn Hawking, and Josiah Johnson, the show was ordered to series back in 2015 and renewed for a second season last summer. Here’s the logline for the new season:

Grover, Milk, and Jamal are still stuck on the bench, but once that final buzzer sounds it’s back to conquering the concrete by any memes necessary. Squeenies, Trump supporters, and vegans don’t stand a chance as the trio gets slightly protested, largely detested and even wrongfully arrested. The haters finna hate, but a Legends gotta do what a Legends gotta do to be great!

Watch the promo above, and check out the rest when season 2 premieres Sunday, June 18th at 11:30pm.

Here’s a Season 2 Promo for Comedy Central’s ‘Legends […]