what's my motherfuckin name?

Sorry, Copy Editors: JAY-Z Is Bringing Back the Hyphen, Going All Caps

JAY. Photo: Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Roc Nation

In news that will irritate grammar sticklers worldwide, JAY-Z has changed the stylization of his moniker yet again. What was once Jay-Z, then Jay Z, is now officially JAY-Z, Pitchfork reports. The new name, which is just about one change to a symbol away from being insufferable, comes on the heels of the rapper’s announcement that his new album 4:44 is out next Friday. Hilariously, on teasers for that album he’s going by JAY:Z, which it thankfully appears copy editors will not have to recognize. Panic(!) at the Disco, Kesh($)a, and P!(i)nk would all like to welcome JAY-Z to the club. Some other alternatives if that’s not to your liking: Hova, Hov, Jigga, GOAT, and, if you’re Beyoncé, Shawn Carter.

JAY-Z Is Bringing Back the Hyphen, Going All Caps