Alias Writers Tease Potential Revival: ‘It Would Be Amazing to Do It’

Jennifer Garner in Alias. Photo: ABC

Lest you thought Alias would be left out of TV’s endless revival craze, the beloved series’ writers hinted at an ATX panel on Saturday that Jennifer Garner’s Sydney Bristow could be back on our screens before too long. “It would be amazing to do it,” co–executive producer Josh Appelbaum said of a possible new season. “We’ve even talked with J.J. [Abrams].” Appelbaum then cautioned that it’s all talk right now, and that nothing is even close to set in stone: “The right idea would have to come — we wouldn’t want to do it unless it was absolutely perfect.” (Probably the right approach, given the success rate of recent revivals of mid-2000s dramas.) He and the four other former Alias writers on the panel also reminisced about the show’s infamous Super Bowl episode, its unmatched guest-star list, and, yes, that ending. “If [Sydney] could move on,” André Nemec explained of the final scene, “then the audience could move on.” But seriously: Given this tease, can we really be denied the prospect of Sydney raising a potential double agent in the making? Has Sydney really moved on? Have we?

Alias Writers Suggest That a Revival May Be in the Cards