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John Oliver Has an Unconventional Suggestion for the Brexit Negotiations

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver introduced his audience to Lord Buckethead, an intergalactic space lord who ran to unseat Theresa May as representative of the Maidenhead constituency and received 249 votes. Brexit has elicited a handful of truly absurd comparisons to explain its implications, and Buckethead might be the negotiation’s best bet. “I do have a proposal for Theresa May, because at this point, you have basically fucked everything up. Your only real chance here is to use the element of surprise: So how about instead of using a career negotiator, why not send someone there’s no way they would expect? I’m talking about someone bold, unafraid to tell it how it is. Someone with a firm, leather-clad grasp of the issues. Someone with a bucket list of demands, and an honest, slightly muffled voice,” Oliver says. Help us, Lord Buckethead, you’re our only hope.

John Oliver Has an Offbeat Idea for Brexit Negotiations