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John Oliver Uses a ‘Be Our Guest’ Parody to Explain the Paris Climate Agreement Fallout

Nearly three months after Emma Watson brought Beauty and the Beast back to the big screen, John Oliver has given us the live-action rendition of “Be Our Guest” we deserve. Literally, we deserve it, as Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris Agreement and France has stepped in to offer words of encouragement to Americans concerned about the future of our planet. “If you want proof that the jobs of today and tomorrow are in renewable energy, France’s new president Emmanuel Macron actually issued a call this week to America’s workforce,” Oliver said on Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight. Macron invited Americans to consider France a second home — “I call on [American scientists and responsible citizens], come and work here with us to work together on concrete solutions for our climate, our environment” — and promised that France would not follow Trump’s lead. And so, around the 15-minute mark, Oliver launched into Cogsworth’s iconic Disney tune.

John Oliver Uses ‘Be Our Guest’ Parody for Paris Agreement