John Oliver Explains Why Trump “Needs to Stop Lying to Coal Miners” on ‘Last Week Tonight’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Last Week Tonight, where John Oliver takes a closer look at the coal mining industry and why Trump has made promises he know he can’t keep by claiming to care about miners and bringing their jobs back. Oliver also explains why one of the biggest threats to coal miners is actually mine CEOs like Bob Murray of Murray Energy Corporation, who sent Last Week Tonight a cease and desist letter when they reached out to him while making the segment – surprisingly enough, it’s the first cease and desist letter the show’s received so far. “The point here is Trump needs to stop lying to coal miners. We all do,” Oliver says. “Stop telling them that their jobs are all coming back when they’re not, stop telling them that coal is clean when it isn’t, and stop pretending that this isn’t an industry in the middle of a difficult and painful, albeit necessary transition. An honest conversation about coal and its miners needs to be had, and we should neither cease nor desist from having it.”

John Oliver Explains Why Trump “Needs to Stop Lying to […]